Welcome to Redlion NFT, the world's first ever "Mint Media" ecosystem. Nice to have you with us!

What started as a fun hobby project grew into a much bigger organization than our founders would have ever imagined. Redlion delivers news, education, and entertainment in a very chilled and lighthearted way, using the emerging technology of web3.

We are your source for unbiased news on NFTs, cryptoart, and blockchain, home for mint and print media publications, live shows, and much more!

Redlion Brands

Redlion Gazette

Weekly NFT Magazine

Our flagship product – a weekly digital magazine with unique covers documenting the NFT news timeline. Gazettes are minted/published on the Ethereum blockchain. They are sold via subscriptions, with some weekly copies for sale as single items.

About Gazette

Redlion News

Unbiased NFT & Crypto news outlet

A 100% independent news agency focusing on NFT and crypto news. We publish interviews with notable players in Web 3, thoughtful and analytical articles, entertainment, and educational content that serves both experts and beginners. It is free, with no ads, VC-backed agendas, or bias.

About News

Redlion Studios

Mint & Print Media Publishing Platform

A unique NFT Mint/Print media platform that experiments with the possibilities, features, and capabilities that digital media can provide. Original content in the form of comic books, graphic novels, magazines, books, and many more in the form of NFTS.

About Studios

Redlion Printer

Fine Art Printing Service for Web3 Creators

    An effortless process to reproduce pieces from your cherished NFT collections. We cooperate with creatives and endeavors to uphold the same genuineness for the prints that the NFT delivers.

    About Printer

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