What is Redlion Gazette

The Redlion Gazette is the world's first weekly NFT magazine publication on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each week, we document NFT & crypto news, plus global historical events. We curate our findings into interesting and educational articles. Lastly, the content is "wrapped up" by amazing NFT cover art.

Our Gazette cover art is minted as digital tokens on the Ethereum blockchain—they represent a historical record of our young and growing NFT community. Owning a collection of Redlion Gazettes means owning a piece of NFT history!

Just by looking at the cover artwork, you can see what was buzzing that week—no need to check the article content. We're very proud of the visual record of history that our covers create. Producing a weekly magazine isn't easy! It requires a lot of dedication and love, even more so with a small but enthusiastic team. We hope you hear the roar of our hearts as you paw through our articles and artwork.

Publishing Schedule

  • The Gazette releases every Monday around 22 CET | 1 pm PST | 4 pm EST.
  • Gazettes are Open Editions available from issue launch to the next Gazette release


  • Gazettes in 2023 is for a fixed dollar price of 25 USD (paid in ETH)
  • Collection 2020-2022 was priced at 0.069 ETH

Subscribe to our Lions Club membership and get more than just a better price.

ArtDrop (add-on free bonus NFT)

  • With every Gazette comes another free NFT, our ArtDrop. It is a commissioned artwork created exclusively for Redlions holders. Learn about Artdrops here.

History of Redlion Gazette

The Redlion Gazette is our flagship product and was first introduced in September 2020 by Redlioneye. He created the first 9 covers. You can clearly recognize that. We call them OG Gazettes, and despite their ugliness, they are the rarest ones in the collection!

Our co-founder, Dudly, joined the endeavor after he bought issue #8. As a designer, his sensibilities were affronted when he discovered the magazine's inside (google document) were even more hideous than the cover! He offered his help to elevate this burgeoning idea into a professional media outlet. Thus, he built a simple website, redid the company's branding, and produced the Gazette's first artwork covers. With the founders working together, Redlion became a real NFT project.

Redlion Gazette NFT Tokens

The NFT token, aka our weekly Gazette cover, is created weekly by our artists/designers Dudly and Amal. Ownership of the token grants holders access to premium content AND a free bonus artwork NFT, our ArtDrop (About ArtDrops).

Different token types:

Redlioneye Gazette 1–4 Unmigrated (Rarible contract)


Originally the ever-first Gazettes were minted on the Rarible community contract mixed with hundreds of thousands of other NFTs. After the first four issues, Red realized it was a rookie mistake and launched a custom contract on Rarible that separated Gazette's NFTs into a private collection.

He kindly asked the owners to send him back the issues so he could burn the tokens and replace them with re-minted versions on the new contract. Most of them proceeded, but there are still tokens that were never migrated. We are not considering them as a part of our Redlion NFT assets, but if you are willing to put in some offers and get your hands on them, we have the replacement supply available for migration.

Unmigrated Redlioneye Gazettes:

  1. OpenSea | Rarible | Etherscan
  2. OpenSea | Rarible | Etherscan
  3. OpenSea | Rarible | Etherscan
  4. OpenSea | Rarible | Etherscan

Redlioneye Gazette 1–50 (Rarible contract)


These Gazettes were minted on custom Rarible contract as part of our first growing period. They are editions of ERC 1155 tokens, and therefore, each issue's editions are fungible. Isn't it ironic for NFTs? (non-fungible tokens) You can view them listed as single items on OpenSea with a total balance.

OpenSea | Rarible

Redlion Gazette 51–120 (Custom Gazette contract)


Before our 1st-anniversary issue #52, we deployed our custom Ethereum smart contract to optimize our publishing operations. Please read about the hiccups we encountered here.

From fungible tokens of ERC-1155, we moved to ERC-721 standard with token recognition, and owners could claim ArtDrops with their minted Gazettes (1-50 ArtDrops were distributed as airdrops). These ERC-721 Gazettes are listed on OpenSea as each individual edition of every issue, opposite to the grouped view of ERC-1155.


Redlion Gazettes Issues 1-120 are considered as Origin Collection, their supply is limited and we believe they will become sought for collectibles. They are also mint pass for our upcoming PFP collection REDLIONS.

Redlion Gazette 121+ (Custom Gazette contract)


The new season of 2023 brings exciting changes. New Gazette & Subscriptions model, Legendary Gazettets Auctions and more!


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