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ArtDrops 2023 are coming in with fresh air!

We’re kicking 2023 off with a roar. In the universal year number 7, our wildest dreams may come true, but only if we chase them.

After two years of individual art drops alongside our gazettes, we’ve decided to switch things up.

Going forward, Redlion will be featuring up and coming art curators and artists through a new format, which will involve 7 week exhibitions by our curators, covering a wide range of themes and topics and bringing to light up and coming and established talents.

Exhibition 1 | Week 1–7 2023

pushin P

pushin P is presented as a manifesto, in homage to the OGs (that is, the Original Gangsters) of the NFT world.

This one goes out to the Rare Pepe & Fake Rare Pepe Scientists. To the thought leaders of the next generation, the digital renaissance, and the next revolution. The revolution will not be televised. But it will be meme’d.



ArtDrops Curator

pepe enthusiast, hip-hop head, curator, artist, ex-accountant


If you’re reading this, you’ve tuned in to my frequency, and for that, I thank you.

I’m seelawrie.

That’s see, lawrie, as in C. Lawrie. But not celery… haha. That said, I take it as it comes, so call me what you like…

I went with that name because I felt like I see a lot that others don’t (at least IRL).

In fact, everything I’ve seen, nobody else has.

The same could be said for anybody... We each experience and share our own perspective, or testimony, as to what life is. As seen through our own eyes.

I would proudly call myself a few different things, including but not limited to… a Rosicrucian, a Lion, a Frog, a Freemason, and a member of the occult.

I believe in art, and I believe in magic. I believe art is magic…

Previously to web3, I was an accountant & a financial analyst. I witnessed the horrors of TradFi on a daily basis. I dreamt of a new horizon, and slowly but surely, that new horizon is on the way.

I’m a big believer in (and researcher of) Egyptology & cryptography, as well as esotericism, physics, maths, astrology, astronomy, archaeology, cultural history, etymology, memetics… and perhaps just a few other topics.

I believe, as Tesla did, that the world is made up of light and vibration, and that it operates on many frequencies. We ourselves are beings of light and vibration, but we are each vibrating on our own frequency.

Despite this, we are all connected… we are entangled… everything in our universe, is one.

Again, thanks for tuning in, I hope you enjoy what we’re cooking up here at Redlion.

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