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Redlion Gazettes Origin Collection

ISSUES 1–120

First hundred twenty issues, we rank as Origin Collection. They are split up between two contracts. One was created initially through the Rarible marketplace (ERC-1155), where our project started. The second is our fully custom Ethereum contract (ERC-721).

Issues 1–9 we call OG Gazettes, and they are the rarest ones of all.

Read more about Gazette here.

Redlion Gazette Issues 1–50

Redlion Gazette Issues 51–120

Redlion Gazettes 2023


With the new season, we introduced new pricing, new ArtDrops & Subscriptions, and we also deployed brand new contracts.

Redlion Gazette Issues 121+

Redlion Gazettes ArtDrops

ArtDrops are our exclusively commissioned artworks which are free to claim by Gazette owners as bonus NFTs. The first four issues had no ArtDrop. The feature was introduced with issue #5.

ArtDrops 5–50

ArtDrops from this range were always pre-minted and airdropped to the Gazette holders of that week. They were issued on the artist's collection contract or Rarible shared contract (ERC-1155/ERC-721). To locate each ArtDrop on a marketplace or find its contract click the OpenSea logo for that edition on the ArtDrop page.

ArtDrops 51–120

Tokens were minted on our Ethereum contract, and they carry unified NFT token attributes like Artists, Style, Issue Number, etc. They had to be claimed using Redlion Gazettes manually.

ArtDrops 121+

Our new season of ArtDrops 2023 is released on a new contract and has its separate collection on OpenSea. Learn about the newly introduced features here.


We introduced the NFT subscription model in December 2020. Tokens were minted on their separate Rarible contract and came out in multiple waves.

These tokens shown below are not valid anymore, so please don't purchase them from the secondary market unless you appreciate their historic relic's collectible value. To subscribe to Redlion Gazette use the primary sale via Subscription page.

Rarible Subscriptions 2020–2021

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Dynamic Subscriptions 2021–2022

With the new ERC-721 Gazettes, we also introduced new subscriptions on their ERC-721 contract. They featured fresh innovation of displaying remaining Gazettes issues directly on the NFT metadata and image. All tokens from this collection are also expired.

New Subscriptions 2023

With the new season starting we have also launched new Subscription tokens on a new contract. Read more about Subscription here.

Red Lion Club

Gold Lion Club

Redlion Studios

Our mint & print media platform has its own minting contracts. About Redlion Studios

ARTCODE Magazine

ARTCODE generative art magazine features 1/1 unique cover artwork for each mint, and its contract is deployed separately, although it is part of our Redlion Studios platform.


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