Great art by great artists free with your Gazette

Every week, the Redlion Gazette features a different artist who creates an Artdrop: a free-to-claim NFT that is available to all holders of that week's Gazette. This means that there are 52 artists and 52 exclusive collections featured each year by Redlion.

The ArtDrops are published along with the Gazette. All magazine owners can claim their bonus NFT as soon as it is released (on Monday). There is no time limit to claim the ArtDrop, it can be stored in your magazine indefinitely.

Collection & Contract

How to claim your ArtDrop

1. Connect your wallet

To claim your ArtDrop(s), click the red square button in the top bar and connect using Metamask or another supported wallet connect provider.

Please use your computer for claiming procedure. Our site is still developing, and the mobile experience isn't optimized. Thank you!

2. Click your avatar

3. Click My Lion's Den

4. Navigate to My ArtDrops tab

5. Click the CLAIM button

Confirm the transaction, and you will receive your ArtDrop token. In case you have multiple Gazette (same issue #) tokens, you can choose which one you particularly want to claim the ArtDrop from.


6. If you have multiple ArtDrops (from multiple Gazette issues) unclaimed, you can claim them all at once using the 'CLAIM ALL' button.

Collecting ArtDrops is a great way to experience cryptoart and NFTs without needing to be constantly engaged. It is also a great opportunity for small cryptoart galleries.

The ArtDrop concept is inspired by the promotional items that are often included with gossip magazines, such as cosmetic samples. However, we believe that our artistic bonus NFTs have much more value than lipstick.

The ArtDrops are commissioned exclusively for Redlion and are not minted elsewhere. Our goal is to showcase high-quality artistic work and encourage artists to apply for one of our feature slots.

Secondary market Gazette check

If you are looking for a secondary market Gazette, there is a way to check whether its ArtDrop has already been claimed. Head over ArtDrops page and use the checker tool.

Curators Board

For ArtDrops season 2023, we are introducing exciting changes. We've put together a group of dedicated art lovers and NFT collectors who will curate the artworks under the designed concept: each curator works for 7 weeks, generating 7 ArtDrops. More about season 2023 here.

Visit ArtDrops page

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