A team of professional multi-taskers was picked from over eight different countries to build the greatest Web 3 organization. A team formed to build through stories, art, and design.


CEO & Founder

An average person trying to make something extraordinary


Art Director & Co-Founder

Winston Wolf of web3 art & design + anything else. I solve problems.


Management & Operation

What I do is considered normal in some cultures.


Artist & Graphic Designer

Acquiring multiple personalities to create different kinds of art.


Lead Developer

Decentralized Web3 explorer.


Full Stack Developer

Dreamer, building something new every day. Taken by aliens, came back with a superpower.


Social Media Manager

Crypto degen living in his own metaverse.

Sweet Potato

Community Manager

PixelArt lover

Frens & Collaborators


Editor in Chief

Musician with over 100,000,000 streams—you've probably heard Stephen 🥁 without evening knowing it! Brought to web3 via the promise of ownership and fair pay for creators, Stephen has dedicated himself to promoting righteous projects, covering breaking news and supporting other creatives in the space. Drop him a line; he's friendly.

Jose Cactuss

Marketing & Brand Strategist

Optimizing processes through cosmic connection.

zEniTH 0wl

Research & Marketing

Renegade, free from concern, red pill deep diver into ETHverse


Social Media Advisor

Digital marketing, football & NFTs.


Chief of Non Financial Advice

pepe enthusiast, hip-hop head, curator, artist, ex-accountant

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