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Redlion was one of the first projects to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for a subscription service in 2020. Our subscription tokens allow their owners to receive the Redlion Gazette magazine without having to track each weekly release. In addition to a discounted price per issue, these tokens provide additional benefits for members of the "Lion Clubs." In 2023, we introduced new subscription models divided into two tiers.

Red Lion Club


The Red Lion Club is a premium subscription tier dedicated to our most loyal fans and friends. It includes top-tier service with weekly delivery straight to your wallet, including covering the gas fees. All you have to do is enjoy your weekly Gazettes.

When you purchase a Red Lion Club subscription, you are guaranteed to receive all issues of the Redlion Gazette for the 2023 season, even if you subscribe mid-year. These issues will be airdropped to you within the first week of your subscription.

But that's not all! After the season is over, we will deliver a physical NFT yearbook called "Redlion Gazette Covers" directly to your doorstep. You can see what the yearbook for 2021 & 2022 looks like. International shipping cost is included.

The last benefit is an exclusive NFT subscription token. This special piece is a non-transferable "soulbound" token. It can only be burned using the contract function. However, we hope you will not want to do that!

Limited supply: 100 tokens

Price: 2999 USD (paid in ETH equivalent)

What do you get?

  • 52 Redlion Gazette NFT magazines
  • 52 Redlion Artdrops bonus NFTs
  • Physical yearbook Redlion Gazette Covers Collection 2023
  • 5 whitelist spots for REDLIONS PFP
  • Access to all exclusive content locked with particular Gazettes
  • Discord role and priority contestant position for games

Gold Lion Club


Our gold subscription tier offers a great discount of approximately 30% off the base price of the Redlion Gazette—as well as other benefits. With this subscription, you will receive the current issue of the week and all remaining issues for the rest of the year.

Price: 999 USD (paid in ETH equivalent)

19.20 USD / issue Yearly savings equals ~300 USD.

The price of the subscription is reduced by $19 each week for every issue you have missed. To obtain earlier issues before your subscription began, you will need to search for them on the secondary market.

Price reduction examples:

  • Subscribed-----You get---------------Price
  • Week 1 2023----Issues 121 to 173---999 USD
  • Week 2 2023----Issues 122 to 173---980 USD
  • Week 3 2023----Issues 123 to 173---961 USD
  • Subscription sales will end with last November's issue

What do you get?

  • Up to 52 Redlion Gazette NFT magazines
  • Up to 52 Redlion Artdrops bonus NFTs
  • 2 whitelist spots for REDLIONS PFP
  • Access to all exclusive content locked with particular Gazettes
  • Discord role and contestant position for games

Claiming Gazettes

Gold Lion Club members must manually claim their Gazettes through their dashboard profiles (My Lion's Den) and pay the corresponding Ethereum gas fees. Gazettes from season 2023 can be claimed at any time (to take advantage of lower gas fees) until December 31, 2024.

How to claim?

1. Connect your wallet

To claim your Gazettes, click the red square button in the top bar and connect using Metamask or another supported wallet connect provider.

Please use your computer for claiming procedure. Our site is still developing, and the mobile experience isn't optimized. Thank you!

2. Click your avatar

3. Click My Lion's Den

4. Navigate to My Gazettes tab

5. Click the CLAIM button

Confirm the transaction, and you will receive your Gazette token.


6. If you have multiple Gazettes that are unclaimed, you can claim them all at once using the 'CLAIM ALL' button.

Secondary market

Gold Lion Club tokens can be listed and purchased on the secondary market. However, we do not recommend buying from the secondary market because it is difficult to determine how many issues have been claimed. It is always best to consider the subscription valid from the upcoming week and compare the price with a first-hand purchase.

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