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Raving 8-bit lions that'll keep your spirits high as you traverse any and all Web 3.0 arenas

Redlion Printer

A seamless experience to print artworks from your favorite NFT collections.

Traveling Gazette NFC Lisbon

We showed up. We made the buzz. We had fun. And we can prove it.


Redlion Gazette

The Redlion Gazette is the first NFT weekly publication. We transform crypto, nft news and global events, into interesting and educational articles and render history creatively through our collectible covers.

Redlion Studios

Redlion Studios is our NFT print media platform. We believe in print media as an art form; we’re on a mission to disrupt and revitalize the industry with top quality content.

Redlion News

Having innovated a unique monetization mechanism through NFTs, we are bringing back journalism and history preservation as a service to the public, not as a product.

Redlion Printer

An effortless process to reproduce pieces from your cherished NFT collections. We cooperate with creatives and endeavors to uphold the same genuineness for the prints that the NFT delivers.

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