Redlions PFP

Roaring soon!

REDLIONS is a free-to-mint collection for Redlion Gazette NFT's holders. We will also reserve some spots for friendly communities and for active followers on Twitter and Discord

REDLIONS is a PFP collection built to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! The collection rewards our beloved audience with raving lions that'll keep your spirits high as you traverse any and all Web 3.0 arenas.

The journey towards the inception started when we realised that our community would love to have something unique to show that they are proudly part of Redlion and its journey in NFTs.

After several hours, days, and weeks of discussions, we drafted the concept of what our Redlions PFP will be. Maybe in the future, you will see some of our scrapped concepts that were hilarious. But today you are heading with us to ROARSTOCK, a never-ending festival where we celebrate all the good things about this prospering community we have created.

Visit to learn more about our project and also get yourself a randomized PFP to start supporting already!

More details about the mint will soon be announced but one thing is for you: get a legendary Redlion Gazette before they moon, they're your only tickets to join us at Roarstock!

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