Redlion Gazettes are assigned traits that give you a glimpse of how the issue is created, and also the rarities.

The traits are divided into the following categories:


Illustration | 3D Art | Mixed | Pixel Art | Vector Art | Collage | Painting | Wojak | Voxel Art | Tabloid | Interactive

Styles denote the different styles of artworks that we create the Redlion Gazette cover in. Over the years there have been several new additions such as interactive & wojak.

Rolling Theme

King |Beeple | Maritime | Punks | TV Series | Games | Comics | Mythology | Olympics | Anniversary | Halloween | Meme | Tribute | Gonzo | OG Gazette |Eth Milestone | None

These are themes that make regular, or in some cases rare appearances on the Redlion Gazette cover artworks.


Limited | Sepia | Black and White | Redlion | Gold

These are the different kinds of color palettes that are used in the cover artwork. Redlion and Gold are the rarest of these palettes, only making cameos every now and then.

Issue #

Regular | Animated | Encrypted | Missing | Stylised |

Our issue numbers are always inserted into the cover artworks in various ways. Sometimes it's our brand font Ohno Blazeface(Regular), and at other times it's stylised(in other fonts) or deeply encrypted into the artwork.

Sound FX

Covers that feature any sound FX, to complement the music or the ambiance we have created in the cover artwork.


Our covers usually feature music as we believe it elevates the experience of the animations. Our first Gazette cover artwork to feature music was Redlion Gazette Issue #30 'Mainstream Punk'.

BTC (₿ sign) /ETH (♢ sign)

We have always tried to incorporate these crypto giants into our artworks when and where appropriate. Lately, they have become more rare as the world of crypto and Web3 has expanded beyond these stars.

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