ARTCODE Magazine

The 1st native generative art magazine in NFTs that features generated cover artworks from celebrated artists.

A native NFT magazine dedicated to exploring all aspects of generative art—the artists behind the code, commentaries on art and themes, historical developments, and collectors.

Each issue is minted on Art Blocks infrastructure and features original unique cover pieces generated by great artists. The project is unique and the first of its kind in the NFT space. This is where all enthusiasts of generative art come to read about the latest ventures in this subgenre of modern art.

The idea behind ARTCODE #1 was generated out of our pure interest to periodically study the rise and evolution of the genre. The rise and the new prominence of gen art have been years in the making and are today where it is due to the trials, errors, and findings of the curious creators of the past.

The genre of art deserved a publication of its own, and not like any other. This led us to create ARTCODE #1, through which we published several articles on the influences, trends, and history of this up-and-rising form of art--a comprehensive guide to its past and the future it is creating.

The generative artist for ARTCODE #1's cover artwork was Loren Bednar, a prolific artist ArtBlocks curated artist who has made several successful projects that explore beauty, technology, and meaning through Generative art.

We will continue to support and record the growth of the ever-evolving genre of Generative Art through ARTCODE.

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